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Recently purchased an EV Charger?
We can help you install it from $800!

{brand} and revcharge have teamed up to make EV charging installations as seamless as possible.

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3 obligation FREE personalised EV charger suggestions, including one ‘best choice’ that revcharge has assessed to best meet your needs.

Must BYO

Fixed quotes. No hidden call out fees or sneaky surprises.

Installation and activation of your charger including the technician showing you how to get the most from your system and how to use the corresponding app.

Money back guarantee if the charging system is not installed by one of our technicians within 5 days of it arriving at your house.

N/A. However, we do guarantee the installation of your system on the date for which you book.

Connect (or potentially connect in the future) your system to your solar and battery to charge your EV using grid, generated or stored energy.

Possibly. Depends on the EV charger you have purchased and your solar & battery set-up. We can assess the feasibility based on the information provided in the form below.

Ongoing post-installation support.

Minimum 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty on all systems.

Final Price

Starting from $800

*Note: in order to receive an accurate fixed quote specific to your home and car, it's important to submit a request for an obligation-free quote.

Get a fixed quote

revcharge: the installation partner for {brand}

revcharge is an end-to-end EV charging service provider. We work closely with {brand} to take the stress and guesswork out of finding and organising a trained technician to install and activate your system.

We are experts in all things EV charging and are qualified to install all charger models stocked by {brand}. Therefore, you can come to expect that our quality of work is above and beyond your “man-in-a-van” electrician.

Money back guarantee

We guarantee your money back if the charging system is not installed by one of our technicians within 5 days of it arriving at your house. This ensures that you are able to start charging your EV without delay.

Why EV owners choose

The Right EV Charger
Solution For You

We’ll ask you questions about your home, electric vehicle and lifestyle to determine the best EV charger solutions for you.  With our range of tethered and untethered chargers available, starting from $900, we have solutions for all EV owners.

Great Quality

Each EV charger on offer has been carefully evaluated for its performance. As for our installers, they are licensed A-grade electricians, publicly insured, comply with Australian standards and have undergone additional accreditation and training.

Connect It To Your
Solar & Battery

We offer Smart Chargers for EV owners that are also looking to reduce their home electricity bills. These chargers can connect to your home solar system and battery, and are set up to charge your EV on either grid, self-generated or stored energy. See our range of chargers and accessories.

Frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you accept?

revcharge accepts bank transfer payments. By offering bank transfer only we keep our costs low for you as there are no payment fees :)

Do I pay upfront or do you offer financing options?

To lock in a charger and/or installation we require upfront payment for the full amount. However, you can rest assured we’ll only ever charge you for what we quote, as per our fixed-fee guarantee. We also don’t release payment to the installer until we’re satisfied the installation job has been completed and we have quality-checked their work to ensure you’re completely satisfied. 

What does installation only mean?

revcharge is proud to provide installation only for those who have their own charger already (BYO). For example, you may have purchased an EV charger from your car brand directly (e.g. Tesla), and just need a qualified technician to install and activate it.

Simply fill out a form here, and we’ll quote you for installation only. Learn more about prices for just installation here.

Do you really help with app and interface activation?

For the EV Charger & Installation package, we certainly do. All of our technicians are trained in how to not just install the physical charger but also activate any apps or interface. They’ll show you how to get started right after they finish installing your charger.

For an Installation Only, we may not be able to assist with app or interface activation, as we can't guarantee our installers are trained in your charger. However, please check with us as we're constantly training our installers in new chargers.

How does the process work with revcharge?

We help you decide on the right EV charger and take away the headache of getting it installed. Our unique three step process is as follows:

1. Answer: After you fill out a quote request form, you’ll be sent a text message to complete your request on your smartphone. This will include taking and sending photos of your switchboard, desired charger location and more. All of these questions have been carefully curated to ensure we provide you with a fixed-quote.

2. Choose: Our quotes include a recommended EV charger based on our assessment of your home as well as two alternative EV chargers for you to choose from. All options include the delivery, installation and activation of the EV charger quoted at a fixed price — making it easy for you to choose. We also have an installation only service for homeowners looking to have an existing EV charger installed and activated by a technician.

3. Install: We’ll then send you an invoice for payment. If you ordered your EV charger with revcharge, you will receive it before this date. If you have an existing charger you want installed, just let your technician know when booking your installation. Once the EV charger is in place, the installer can also help you connect any apps for the charger and show you how to use it.

We’ll also keep you well-informed throughout the entire process by email and text message, to make it as easy and seamless as possible.

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Would recommend to my family & friends

The team at revcharge did a fantastic job at recommending the right EV charger for my home. The 3-step questionnaire was quick and saved me time searching the internet to compare all the different EV charging models out there. Plus, we’re thinking of getting solar, so we wanted to be solar ready but wasn’t sure which charger was best for this.

The technician installed the unit only a few days after it arrived at my home. The installation service was quick and the technician was extremely knowledgeable. They also spent time showing me how to use the app that came with the charger, so now I can monitor the usage remotely and do more from my phone. I would not hesitate in recommending revcharge to my family and friends!” - Suzie M.

5 stars
Susie M