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EV Charger Installation Course

After you have fulfilled the requirements to become a licensed EV charger installer, you will need to have the knowledge required to specifically perform installations of this type. Keeping up with the evolving industry standards as well as with new installation or commissioning procedures for different EV chargers in the market can become time consuming, and challenging.

What is the Most Important Standard For EV Charging Installations in Australia?

Similar to other electrical installations, design and installation guidelines for wiring procedures in electric vehicle charging installations must be followed from the AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical Installations, otherwise known as the Wiring Rules

Some of the most relevant facts according to this standard is that each charger outlet must have its own dedicated circuit. Additionally, protection devices such as OCPD and RCD, must be selected and sized appropriately for each EV charger.

What EV Charger Installation Courses Are Available for Electricians?

Surprisingly, even though electric vehicles are starting to populate the roads of Australia, there are not many on-site independent courses available for EV charger installations. There are a few to name including:

  • Middy’s Tech EnergyIntroduction to Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Course: Provides an introduction to electric cars technology as well as relevant charging equipment considerations on installation practices.
  • Skill Build –Electric Vehicle Charging Accreditation Scheme: Receive a Tesla EV charger as well as other necessary electrical components to perform installation. Learn the necessary basics and install the EV charger with expert assessment. 
  • Ocular Charging – Ocular Charging (a charger manufacturer) also provides a set of online training modules on their EV charger installation but this is only for their products. This type of training will allow you to install Ocular LTE EV chargers.

EV charger manufacturers also generally offer some sort of training on installation and commissioning procedures online. It is worth checking upcoming webinars and training materials from manufacturers directly in order to get a better understanding of multiple installations. 

Revcharge Training for First-Time EV Charger Installers

Knowing the lack of available courses on this topic for Australian standards, revcharge has come up with a valuable training course for our installers.

This online installation course includes necessary details to carry out a successful installation for our partners such as Ocular Charging, Wallbox or Zappi and more. You would be learning not only important installation considerations, but also how to use the interface and the apps for home installations. This is particularly important when you need to activate a customer’s smartphone app for the charger on-site. Training is conducted online through interactive quizzes and webinars and links you to further training details with the manufacturers directly through our partnerships.

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